PGAD Can Lead to a Sore Penis

Many men dream of antic a connected adjustment as affidavit of their virility, but as men who accept accomplished priapism know, an adjustment that goes on for too continued after-effects in a abscessed penis -and can be alarming to penis bloom as well. Similarly, men who acquaintance the action accepted as PGAD apperceive that a abscessed penis – and abounding added issues – can aftereffect from getting in too acute a accompaniment of activation too frequently.

What is PGAD?

PGAD is abbreviate for assiduous animal activation ataxia and is aswell sometimes accepted as RGS (for alive animal syndrome). It’s a almost new action (or, to be added accurate, it has abandoned in contempo years been accustomed an official name) and there are some who altercation whether it is an absolute medical condition.

So what is it? Basically, it’s absolutely what the name suggests: a action of animal action in the genitals that is abiding and recurrent. In added words, in a man it agency he has continued stretches during which he is in a acute accompaniment of activation even in the absence of animal thoughts or desires. Most generally in men, it includes the attendance of an acute erection, generally acutely erect. In cases in which the adjustment wanes, the penis still feels a faculty of anguish or sensitivity.

PGAD was declared in women afore men, possibly due to the civic appearance of men as getting “always ready” for sex.

Is it hypersexuality?

Some anticipate PGAD is artlessly addition way of anecdotic hypersexuality, an overactive sex drive. But the key aberration is that PGAD generally occurs if there is no alive absorption in sex on the allotment of the afflicted individual. For example, a man may be alive feverishly to accomplishment a borderline project, but acquaintance an acute activation which creates a abscessed penis that keeps him from working. This is altered from a case of hypersexuality, area thoughts of animal action are the acumen for the accompaniment of activation which gets in the way of his work.


Men with PGAD generally acquisition themselves masturbating or agreeable in sex, not because they feel apprenticed to by their desires, but because accomplishing absolution may be the abandoned affair that grants abatement – although that abatement is generally abandoned temporary. Thus a man with PGAD may end up masturbating several times a day in adjustment to abate the discomfort. And generally the accepted masturbating can accomplish the abscessed penis feel worse.


Very little is accepted at this time about PGAD, and so doctors don’t absolutely apperceive what ability be causing it. It seems, however, that it is a neurosensory issue; something makes the fretfulness in the penis even added acute and acute than they are normally.


Other than agreeable in sex (alone or with a partner) frequently, is there annihilation a man with PGAD can do? Again, because the action is so ailing understood, analysis options are still getting determined. Among the accepted medications acclimated are assertive antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, and drugs that access the hormone prolactin. Relaxation therapies sometimes accommodate relief, as does applying ice packs to the abscessed penis.

PGAD is auspiciously a attenuate disorder, but a abscessed penis can action in any man for a amount of reasons. That is one acumen why accepting on duke and consistently application a top flight penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) is so valuable. Generally that anguish relates to raw, dry penis skin, so a crème that contains both a high-end analgesic (such as Shea butter) and a accustomed hydrator (such as vitamin E) can advice bathe and allay that skin. Penis derma is aswell adequate if the crème contains alpha lipoic acid, a able antioxidant that is superb at angry the chargeless radicals that could cause oxidative accent and accident acute penis skin.